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A Moment with Mr Morgan…

A bit of a round up to do from one quite extraordinary event, the Welsh Xtrem 2019. Taking time out to talk to us, after a full day 4×4 driver training, is the man who heads up the team that created such superb camaraderie, a cliff hanger of an auction, and an event that had crews using every ounce of commitment and energy to take on the terrain, the weather … and the cunningly wicked, yet exhilarating twists, turns and high pressure conundrums to take that 2019 trophy….for sure, a prize to treasure, from an event that will, for everyone involved in this area of off road, live for ever.

His energy is contagious, his generosity boundless and his soul brings everyone together in one giant group hug … Nobby Morgan rounds up this tremendous event, that is as much about this ‘off road family’ as it is about extraordinary competition, driving and team work…and gave one of their own a very beautiful, final event …. but that can only be in Nobby’s own words…

With very special thanks to Moose Offroad for more superb footage.

Head over to the Welsh Xtrem Fb page for more pics, clips and results from 2019s superb event.

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